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Felony Franks - Hot Dogs sold by ex-Cons


The Way We Live Now: Doggedly. Are hot dogs the solution to our nation's unemployed ex-con crisis? No, not at all. But it's a thought. Similarly, happy ads won't restore our rotten financial institutions. But they'll make you $$$mile!!!

Fella by the name of James Andrews figured he could help out ex-cons and do himself a favor in the meantime, so he opened up a hot dog joint by the name of "Felony Franks" on the West side of Chicago. Trouble is, the community's not too fond of his prison-themed decor, and Andrews finds himself in a PR pickle. The solution? For James Andrews to somehow morph into something other than a fat white man, which is what he is.

[from Wall Street Journal via Gawker, thanks Kevin ]


Oh my goodness this is adorable!

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