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September 10, 2008

Tax Cut to Buy Cakes

moola cake.jpg
Money cake from Kelly Sweet Rewards

Since tax cuts mean we can buy more cakes, we were thrilled to find this calculator to help us make our decision on election day. Find out how many more cakes you can buy if Obama is elected versus McCain using this handy calculator.

[From Daily Kos via hanks http://icebergwedge.wordpress.com/2008/09/09/this-is-awesome/]

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Cooking Show leads to Thailand's Prime Minister's Ouster

Thai prime minister.png

Thailand's prime minister was forced out of office yesterday after a court ruled that he broke a conflitct of interest law by hosting cooking shows on TV.

Samak, a well-known foodie and a famous TV chef, defended himself in the Constitutional Court on Monday, Sept. 8, 2008 against accusations that he broke a prohibition on private employment while in office by hosting a television cooking show.
[From AP]

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September 07, 2008

Hannah Montana, take that out of your mouth right now!


Is that really Hannah Montana sucking on a that? And what is with the "individual [penis] pouches for portion control"? Penis portion control? Who made the decision to make the "microphone" flesh-toned?

As for the original idea of "Concert Candy" we have some more questions.

So like, OF COURSE, one of your "people" was probably sitting around with another one of your "people"...gettin' high and brainstorming...and someone came up with the brilliant idea of doing Hannah Montana Candy.

Cause, of course, kids will come to the Hannah Montana concert, buy the Hannah Montana tee and the Hannah Montana lunchbox and then they'd be sitting in their seat all hungry-n-shit and be like "Mom...I WANT SOME HANNAH MONTANA CANDY! PLEEEEEASSE!"


Fucking, genius.

I mean kids love candy....and always want something to eat at shows...so why the fuck not?

Thanks for the tip Iceberg Wedge via Dear Famous Asshole.

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