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Pancakes anyone? It's baaaack!

Maple Syrup Map from Gothamist

Gothamist has been getting reports from their readers that the maple syrup smell has returned to New York City. [from Gothamist]

It may almost be midnight, but some people are smelling eau de breakfast--there's a whiff of maple syrup in the air! We just received three smellings:

* "I think I've been getting that nasty maple syrup smell up here at 137th & b'way for the last couple of hours. Thought it was my neighbor spraying for bugs for a while, then I went outside to dump the garbage and still smelled it outside. I can smell it out the window now, too (I'm on the sixth floor, not far from the river). Anyone else? Is it New Jersey?" - C, Harlem, Manhattan
* "I'm smelling that maple syrup smell tonight and it's strongest I've ever noticed. It's been a while. What is that smell? It's getting pretty annoying!" - D, Edgewater, NJ
* "Yes, the maple syrup is back and way out here in College Point, this is the smell’s second day. I live on Lax Ave right on the waterfront of College Point. It’s near the water treatment plant. WHAT is this smell? I am smelling it right now and it doesn’t make me want to eat pancakes. Could it be drifting from the water, or from the Bronx?" - A, College Point, Queens

Readers, if you smell the maple syrup smell, let us know (along with where the scent was), in comments or with an email to tips(at)gothamist(dot)com. We're curious if it's all concentrated around a certain area (someone in the Bronx, tell us!).

Past maple syrup incidents: October 2005, March 2006, November 2006, November 2007, plus a cameo on 30 Rock.

Update: On WNBC 4, Chuck Scarborough mentioned that their newsroom received calls about the maple syrup smells and that the NYPD also received calls about it. No locations were given. However, reader A tells us the Edgewater police heading to her house to check out the smell.

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