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May 30, 2008

Pancakes anyone? It's baaaack!

Maple Syrup Map from Gothamist

Gothamist has been getting reports from their readers that the maple syrup smell has returned to New York City. [from Gothamist]

It may almost be midnight, but some people are smelling eau de breakfast--there's a whiff of maple syrup in the air! We just received three smellings:

* "I think I've been getting that nasty maple syrup smell up here at 137th & b'way for the last couple of hours. Thought it was my neighbor spraying for bugs for a while, then I went outside to dump the garbage and still smelled it outside. I can smell it out the window now, too (I'm on the sixth floor, not far from the river). Anyone else? Is it New Jersey?" - C, Harlem, Manhattan
* "I'm smelling that maple syrup smell tonight and it's strongest I've ever noticed. It's been a while. What is that smell? It's getting pretty annoying!" - D, Edgewater, NJ
* "Yes, the maple syrup is back and way out here in College Point, this is the smell’s second day. I live on Lax Ave right on the waterfront of College Point. It’s near the water treatment plant. WHAT is this smell? I am smelling it right now and it doesn’t make me want to eat pancakes. Could it be drifting from the water, or from the Bronx?" - A, College Point, Queens

Readers, if you smell the maple syrup smell, let us know (along with where the scent was), in comments or with an email to tips(at)gothamist(dot)com. We're curious if it's all concentrated around a certain area (someone in the Bronx, tell us!).

Past maple syrup incidents: October 2005, March 2006, November 2006, November 2007, plus a cameo on 30 Rock.

Update: On WNBC 4, Chuck Scarborough mentioned that their newsroom received calls about the maple syrup smells and that the NYPD also received calls about it. No locations were given. However, reader A tells us the Edgewater police heading to her house to check out the smell.

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May 29, 2008

Conservatives still diligent about Homeland Security threats...like Rachel Ray


Caving to pressure from the brilliant minds of the people who brought us the war in Iraq, Dunkin Donuts pulled an advertisement showing Rachel Ray wearing a scarf that looks similar to the black-and-white checkered kaffiyeh, a traditional Palestinian scarf. We're still not quite sure in what way a piece of fabric threatens our freedom or safety -- but it's yet another example where the United States is showing the world we mean business with this war we're waging on terror. We'll sleep a little better tonight knowing we're protected. But we're gonna miss the donuts that we're forced to boycott. How could Dunkin Donuts betray our nation and use a terrorist as a spokeswoman?

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May 21, 2008

Food Sculptures

egg in a carriage.jpg

My mom would really really like me to make her a grandmother. So, this food sculpture is in honor of her. To check out even cooler food art, click here! [from Fabulously 40 via Buzzfeed]

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May 15, 2008

Cake Crumbs: Remainders

Fois gras in Chicago is back! Score one for our taste buds, sorry ducks and geese. In a show of sympathy for their livers, we play a game. [from NYTimes]

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May 13, 2008

To Do: Wednesday, May 14

brooklyn uncorked2007.jpg
photo taken by ultraclay.com at Brooklyn Uncorked 2007

What: Brooklyn Uncorked
When: 4-8 p.m
Where: BAMCafe at Brooklyn Academy of Music, 30 Lafayette Ave, Fort Greene, Brooklyn, 631-537-4637
Fees: $50/per person. For tickets go to Edible Brooklyn.

Try some delicious local Long Island wine and sample dishes from of Brooklyn's best restaurants. There are rumors that our favorite Brooklyn restaurant, Little D Eatery, will be at the event, doing what they do best: dishing up little delectable tastes.

Other highlights:
Sample a selection of award-winning Long Island and New York microbrews, including Blue Point Brewery, Brooklyn Brewery, Heartland Brewery, Sixpoint Craft Ales, and Southampton Publick House.

In addition to cheese from Stinky Bklyn and Whole Foods Market, Long Island potato chips, palate-coolers from Wine Cellar Sorbets, freshly pressed coffees from Bodum, and natural sodas from Grown-up Soda (GuS), favorite neighborhood restaurants will be serving up samples, including Bonita, Flatbush Farm, iCi, La Maison du Couscous, Palo Santo, Smoke Joint, and Stonehome Wine Bar, as well as Great Performances caterers. Music will be provided by WLIU radio.

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May 12, 2008

A fortune cookie paradigm shift..

Fortune Cookie.jpg

A fortune cookie revolution is predicted if Obama wins the election. When Obama wins fortune cookies will really end with "in bed." and Unicorns will crap ice cream and pastries [from Kottke.org]

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When the Chickens give up their vegetarian tendencies...

It wasn't until seeing this trailer for Poultrygeist that we finally came to understand the shrill arguments the vegetarians were making.

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Custard Mother's Milk

boob custard.jpg

It's boob custard pudding from Niigata, Japan. Apparently it's quite popular. The girl inside is saying "Please eat me gently." [from Yug Yug via Buzzfeed]

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May 05, 2008

T-Whipped Taste Test

The dual is on: Reddi-wip against Cool Whip

Now that real whipped cream and dairy-free Cool Whip topping both come in an aerosol can, it's time for a taste test. Decide for yourselves which whipped topping tastes better.

Over at Glam Dish they're giving away three gift packages which each include a year's supply of Reddi-wip. [thanks for the tip Amy Sherman]

Now all you need is to run out and purchase the Cool Whip spray.

Winners, check back here, to find out all you can do with a year's supply of Reddi-wip.

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Whippet Topping


Since scooping whipped topping seems to be more than Americans can handle, Kraft has created a dispenser that requires you simply push the release button and out squirts a puffy pile of dairy-less dessert covering.

Consumers didn't want to have to take that trying trip to the freezer every time they wanted a dollop, so they'd either skip the topping or went with a canned brand. Kraft's solution: a Cool Whip aerosol, so consumers can reach into the fridge and easily squeeze out a topper for their cookie, brownie or piece of fruit. [from Advertising Age]

We're not sure how the trip to the refrigerator is any less "trying" than a trip to the freezer. It's probably just those advertising dollars at work creating the perception that the colder the refrigeration the greater the exertion.

We've always preferred real whipped cream to Cool Whip. But thanks for trying, Kraft.

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May 02, 2008

Caffeinated Snack Puffs

caffeine snacks.jpg

You've heard about Water Joe -- the caffeinated water. It seemed weird when the product first hit the market. Why not buy a Coke or Jolt to get the caffeine kick.

Well, the next wave of weird caffeinated products has arrived. Caffeinated snacks. No, we're not talking about the caffeine that naturally occurs in chocolate. Engobi Energy bites are puffs of corn that come in flavors like Cinnamon Surge and Lemon Lift. In addition to the sugar and spice and fruit and juice is an ingredient that will give any eater the jittery shakes: caffeine. You can actually taste the caffeine -- overpowering the sugar with a flavor that is a cross between saccharine and chemical.

On the wrapper of the chips is the following unattributed quote: "Prepare to get wired. I mean really wired. The braniacs that invented Engobi jacked it up with some serious caffeine. I don't know how they did it, but they spiked this stuff with more caffeine than those little energy drinks. Oh, and it tastes good!" We're not sure who the "I" of the quote is, but after eating three of the chips with "more caffeine than those little energy drinks," we can't concentrate on the rest of the text on the package to determine who this caffeine snack expert is. We feel quivery and weird, not wired. If you want snacks that taste good steer clear of these crunchy monsters.

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May 01, 2008

Super Sized Salad

Big Salad Penn Station

If you're looking for a big salad topped with ranch dressing for lunch, head over to Penn Station near 33rd Street and 7th Ave, Manhattan. You may need some rock climbing gear to reach the lettuce leaves -- but once you've scaled the billboard you will not be disappointed in the serving size. [thanks to Anna and her cellphone camera]

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