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Big Az Idiocracy

Scene from Idiocracy

The scene in Mike Judge's film, Idiocracy -- the one where Luke Wilson's character gets arrested at the Carl Jr.'s vending machine which is dispensing Big Ass Fries and Big Ass Tacos -- is set 500 years in the future. But today, on the Staten Island Ferry it became apparent that we're living in a present-day Idiocracy. We don't need to wait for the future to purchase Big Ass products. "Big Az Chicken Sandwiches" are available in the ferry cafeteria. Just head on down to South Ferry and see for yourself:


We also found very reasonably priced Budweiser tall boys for a mere $3 and "warm" (i.e. microwaved) miniature cookies that we're pretty convinced were poured into little paper sacks from a cereal box of Cookie Crisp -- cleverly disguised with a new name: Crispy Critters. Warm "cookies" will cost you $2.

Just add milk and you have a delicious cereal that's part of this nutritious breakfast

Crispy Critters aka Cookie Crisp

For more Big Az products like Big Az Meatloaf, Ham and Cheese Sandwich and Burger and information on how to contribute to the modern day Idiocracy movement, click here.

bigaz meatloaf.jpg
Big Az Meatloaf Sandwich with Catsup
As they say themselves, "Big Az sandwiches combine giant size with giant quality and taste!...All sandwiches are made with quality ingredients including the world's best microwaveable bun." We're not sure exactly what flavor "giant taste" is and we're obviously going to have to microwave a number of different bun products to determine if Big Az does in fact make the best. But for now, we'll take them at their word.

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