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Party Theme Idea Inspired by Nicole Richie

invitation to Nicole Richie's anorexia party
There is no question, no one from the cakehead staff was invited to Nicole Richie's anorexia extravaganza. We all weigh too much. But the party did give us an idea for our next party theme. Ours will be co-ed. The only folks allowed will be women who are over 250 pounds and men who are under 100 pounds. Waify boys and Husky gals. It will be the Basking in Bad Body Image Barbecue. The party will be fully equipped with a bounce house, miniature pony rides for the boys, and cakes, pies and turkey drumsticks for the ladies.

Food spread at the Bad Body Image Barbecue


She doesn't even know the different spelling of the word SEAMS and SEEMS depends on the usage. What a moron.

This theme party is too hilarious. Pony rides for the boys did me in. I really want to come, so I must start working on my body now. I have to gain a few to get in the door, but it sounds worth it. Thanks for the belly laugh!

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