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Meatlifting: What it means to be a red state American

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We always thought that shoplifting was unpatriotic. In fact, we always equated with that quaint old threat of yester-year: Communism. But as it turns out, those freedom lovers of the Heartland are the ones most guilty of committing this Commie sin. Alright, so we're making a bit of a leap in saying this, but based on a study by the Food Marketing Institute, meat was the most shoplifted item in America's grocery stores in 2005. Since the number of vegetarians in the Northeast and West Coast is a few percentage points below that of the Heartland they must be the country's biggest shoplifting culprits. Right? Or are we just another biased blog?

Here is Slate's account of the lengths people will go to smuggle out a moist cut of meat from their local grocery store.

Here's the one about the lady who seemingly defied the laws of physics by stuffing an entire HoneyBaked Ham in her purse, the man discovered with a trove of filet mignons in his Jockey shorts

[Slate via Buzzfeed]

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