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Eat Patriotic ...and no we're not serving eagle meat


Now civilians can buy and eat the food of heroes. Since 1996 soldiers were the only ones who could experience pure eating bliss in the form of the HooAH bar. The magic was created by the Department of Defense Combat Feeding Directorate "to increase energy and improve performance of warfighters during intense military operations." The research to create the bar was done through a Research and Development Agreement with M&M Mars, the same folks who brought us Combos, Skittles, Twix and Whiskas, Sheeba and Pedigree dog food.

Yeah, the developers are the folks who make your cat's dinner. Now don't you feel like you've been missing out? Well, you don't have to enlist to get the bars. Reputable corporations like Wal-Mart and 7/11 have generously made this bar of magic available to you for a mere $20.99 for 15 bars.

What better way to support the troops than to honor them by eating. HooAH even has created a web page to honor the fighters the Hooah way. Yeah, we're sure all military personnel aspire to receive the HooAH honor.

Read some of the nice notes that were sent along with HooAH bar donations to the troops:

"Dear AnySoldier who is the beneficiary of these bad to the bone Hooah Bars, hopefully you can chow these down and maybe share them with your comrades while you have your cross-hairs on some high value targets. Whatever your duties may be I hope you enjoy! Keep up the good work and always know your surroundings.HOOAH!"

"I sent Beef Jerkey too! HELP IS ON THE WAY!!!!!!!"

Um, we think that the soldiers need a little more than a bunch of hooAH bars and beef jerky.

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