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Cake Crumbs: Remainders

Fois gras in Chicago is back! Score one for our taste buds, sorry ducks and geese. In a show of sympathy for their livers, we play a game. [from NYTimes]


Now we can stop searching for a bad piece of pork

[from Carl Huber via Thanks Mira!]


Restaurant Reduces Carbon Footprint by Serving Local Squirrel

Friday, October 19th
What: Ben Sherman CMJ Bash
When: 7-10 pm
Where: Ben Sherman Store, 96 Spring St, SoHo
Fee: Free Bass beer with RSVP. RSVP to
About: DJ Andy Smith of Portishead is the main attraction at this SoHo Ben Sherman Store stop n' shop, with the free Bass Pale Ale coming in a close second. [from]
What: The Gourmet Institute
When: Friday, Oct. 19th-Sunday, Oct. 21st. Click here for full schedule.
Where: Time Warner Center, 10 Columbus Circle at 60th Street
Fee: Requires sponsorship or deep pockets for the $1,395.00 pricetag. If you have either, call 888-308-6133 to register.
About: The epicurean world's top talents will come together under one roof for a very special weekend of insider-only seminars, cooking demonstrations, tastings and more. Get an exclusive sneak peak into the world of Gourmet with A-list chefs, including Anthony Bourdain, Thomas Keller, Gray Kunz, Masaharu Morimoto, Charlie Palmer, Michel Richard, Eric Ripert, and Marcus Samuelsson.
Saturday, October 20th
What: The Red Hook Harvest Festival
When: 10 am-5 pm
Where: Columbia & Signourney Street, Red Hook, Brooklyn. Click here for directions.
Fee: Free
About: Explore the Red Hook Community Farm, New York City’s largest urban agricultural project and take a tour of the facility led by a member of Added Value Sunday, October 21st
What: The
Food Theater Project presents: Milk-n-Honey and the After Show Cafe
When: Opening, October 21, 2007 3:00 pm running through November 18, 2007
Where: 3-Legged Dog Art & Technology Center, 80 Greenwich Street @ Rector St, NYC
Fee: $15 each. Buy tickets by clicking here.
About: Milk-n-Honey, a multimedia play about the politics and pleasures of eating. Followed by the After Show Cafe, where audience members can eat Fair Trade treats and hang out with artists, scholars and activists. Milk-n-Honey was created from interviews with farmers, waiters, migrant workers, flavor chemists, advertising executives, dumpster divers, grocery clerks, diabetics, activists, and eaters like you.
Wandering through the Union Square Farmers Market yesterday, we were impressed with the broad range of miniature edibles available at the market. We saw baby carrots, baby onions, tiny beets and ended up purchasing some baby fingerling yams and baby bok choy. We were hoping to find baby artichokes and baby corn to supplement the miniature meal we were planning for a small crew of vegetarians. But we were out of luck. We needed one more menu item, so back at our office, we turned to the internet for ideas. When we came across photos of the tiniest pigs on Buzzfeed, we had to remind ourselves that only a sick mind would feature these cooked cutie pies alongside the baby vegetables.
And don't worry. These cute pigs are safe from hungry carnivores with similarly sick minds. According to Chris Murray, the co-owner of a farm in England that breeds miniature pigs, he doesn't think they'll be featured on restaurant menus anytime soon. "They are too small," he said. "It would be uneconomic so it's unlikely they will be used for meat and there is already a huge amount of different pig meat available." [From BBC via Buzzfeed]
In the end, we made mini-vegetarian quiches and never admited that we considered sneaking in a little baby bacon.
Our friends at our favorite restaurant, Little D Eatery had the same idea. They're now serving Heirloom Pumpkin Risotto with thyme and blue cheese garnish.
chocolatechipcookie sugarflower.jpg
A few weekends ago we attended a wedding. Next to our plates, we were presented with the greatest gift of all: a little bag of homemade cookies. With the hope that other guests were on strict carb-free diets, we lingered deep into the night, hoping to gather up the gifts that were left behind. We managed to scrounge up a wide assortment of cookie flavors: chocolate-chocolate chip, chocolate chip and lemon sugar. The cookies were made by a little start-up bakery in Hoboken, NJ called Sugar Flower Bakery.
Finnish Fish Smoker
Cool kitchen appliances, office supplies and gardening tools from around the world are now available for purchase at Kiosk -- the business of some clever entrepreneurs who are into global travel.

When you visit a foreign country, it's easy to stumble upon tons of cool, indigenous stuff you can't find at home -- but you can never fit all of it in your suitcase. Thanks to married-couple entrepreneurs Alisa Grifo and Marco Romeny and their Website, Kiosk, all those amazing discoveries you passed up in Nagoya or Stockholm can be yours--for a fair price.

The Very Short List is a short and sweet daily e-mail, that points to great discoveries from both high and low culture. The project was founded by Kurt Andersen, founder of Spy Magazine, and Michael Jackson, President, IAC Programming.
cake by the other Cakehead
For the past year, plus, we've been sharing the name, Cakehead, with another blogger named Natalie. She is as obsessed with cake as we are. But earlier this weeks she announced that she is "bidding adieu to The Great Cake Adventure...I just do not have the time to put into making cakes now that I did when I started it."

I am also dropping the Cakehead name. I originally chose Cakehead because cake was like my crack, and now I just think it sounds stupid. So until I think of something totally awesome to rename myself (that will probably never happen), I'll be known as Natalie. I know, cutting edge, huh?

We happen to like the name Cakehead, but despite the slight, we will still award her with Cakehead of the Week Award. While we're busy stealing the images of other people's cakes, she actually bakes them. Click here to look at all the cakes she's baked over the past year. We picked out our favorite cake that she made and are presenting it to her -- from one Cakehead to another. Good luck with your new photography blog.
motorized ice cream cone.jpg
Motorized Ice Cream Cone

cakehead Presenting the motorized ice cream cone, for those of you with a tongue too lazy to lick. [from Foodie Obsessed]
cakehead Because shaking the salt takes so much energy, here is the self-shaking salt and pepper shaker set [from Cooking Gadgets]
cakehead Burn messages into your toast. [from Japan's Sasha Tseng via Cooking Gadgets]
soldier pie.jpg
We wish this was a picture of soldiers at a bake sale raising money for George Bush's war. Based on this Wall Street Journal article, it's more likely that these soldiers are serving up very expensive slices of pie at the expense of taxpayers.

Prominent American food companies are under scrutiny in a federal probe of possible fraud and corruption in the military's food-supply operations for the Iraq war...The inquiry is focused on whether the food companies set excessively high prices when they sold their goods to the Army's primary food contractor for the war zone, a Kuwaiti firm called Public Warehousing Co. A related question is whether Public Warehousing improperly pocketed for itself refunds it received from these suppliers. Public Warehousing bought vast amounts of meat, vegetables and bakery items from the food companies, and delivered them to U.S. troops.

[from the Wall Street Journal]
squirrel meat.jpg
squirrel meat image from The Gastronomic Diary

The Famous Wild Boar Hotel in North West England is serving up free grey squirrel pancakes to hungry diners.

The restaurant at Crook, near Windermere, in Cumbria, is giving diners the chance to try the canapes free of charge. The grey squirrels were caught in the hotel's 72-acre woodland grounds and have been prepared by head chef Marc Sanders.

[from the Daily Mail]
But you don't have to cross the Atlantic to eat this gamy delicacy. With Steven Rinella's book, The Scavenger's Guide to Haue Cuisine you too can prepare a 45-course banquet that includes squirrel as one of the less exotic dishes.
Using the 1903 Le Guide Culinaire by master chef Escoffier, Rinella sets out to

shoot, fish, slaughter, raise (as in pigeon husbandry), gather and otherwise procure the ingredients for these dishes himself, with help from his fishing and hunting buddies. Rinella's girlfriend is a vegetarian, and he's aware that this project may seem distressing to some, but he offers a spirited defense of choosing to "make his own food." Rinella's year took him all over the U.S. and Canada with plenty of unusual outdoor adventures: frog gigging, eeling, "glassing" for elk, making headcheese and sparrow-trapping. Preparing the feast, with its huge list of ingredients, took more than a week, with hard-breathing last-minute tension. Some dishes worked, some didn't (e.g., Crayfish Mousse, and Elk and Antelope Kidney Pudding). This unusual memoir could serve as a tasty gift for sporting types.


Cake Crumbs: Remainders

cakehead Our hero Amy Sedaris makes cheeseballs with Martha Stewart and makes Stewart say "bong water." [hat tip Buzzfeed]
cakehead Comical Cookbooks - a humorous look at old cookbook treasures
cakehead Women celebrities only eat when they're pregnant. Since J. Lo has been eating a lot of junk food, the only logical conclusion is she must be pregnant.